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Topic: Resident Evil 4 Remake Review - What Are You Ganado?
Steve Farrelly
AusGamers Editor
Posts: 9694
Location: Sydney, New South Wales

It's no secret on this website that we love Resident Evil 4. Not just for its own awesomeness, but for how it impacted and ultimately reshaped the third-person action and survival horror experience for the better. But what happens when someone decides they're going to try and top the OG with an all-new "Remake" of where it all started?

Given Capcom's most recent reputation in this space, the answer might surprise you. Here's a snippet from our in-depth analysis of Resident Evil 4 Remake:
Oddly, the fact the game’s mechanics, setting and new beasties, alongside its redefined presentation, all contributed to an edge-of-our-seats experience where the lack of any overly dragged-on storytelling only helped proceedings, is one of those incidental things that can only happen in games. (And where many transmedia snobs might possibly miss the mark on the point of games at all.) So the idea here is a poignant one -- that the game’s original creator hoped its remake team would build on the things he and his team couldn’t, because many of us feel Resi 4’s story is about as perfect a summary of the silliness of the series as you can get, while also capitalising on the definition of survival horror and what it means to both be and deliver that “sinister” adjective dropped earlier.

Sometimes the best horror is not lore-laden, it’s just visual blunt force trauma you’re forced to deal with, and try to extrapolate from later...
Click here for our full Resident Evil 4 Remake Review.

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