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Topic: Weird West Review - Oh. My. Inun
Steve Farrelly
AusGamers Editor
Posts: 9249
Location: Sydney, New South Wales

There's been a fair amount of hype surrounding WolfEye Studios debut title, Weird West. Partly because the studio is made up of ex-Arkane alum, including co-founder and immersive sim visionary, Raphael Colantonio, and partly because it's taking us somewhere new, yet familiar.

That being the weirder, darker side of the Wild West -- one where arcane magic is as normal and as important as how many bullets you have left in your bandolier.

We've been trekking such plains in the footsteps of five unique individuals, and have come away better because of this journey, praise be Inun.

Here's a snippet from the very same adventure:
The game is full of common sense design principles centred around form and function. And when you start recognising that, you’ll start to play with it in fun and unique ways. WolfEye encourages you in the very early throes of the game to save before big encounters, just so you can experiment with its systems and witness the game’s dynamic nature and figure out how best to use that to your advantage. It has a little bit of Desperados about it in this way, perhaps more so because of the setting, but it’s where my mind has gone a handful of times. And as a game similar to that, it’s never against you. At least, not in the unfair department. Failure in any given instance will fall squarely on you, because it’s not like the game hasn’t given you all you need; all the tools to get the job done. And you’ll die a lot. The enemies are smart, and the systems are harsh when it all aligns against you, but there’s backup here, and it comes in the form of traditional gaming stuff...
Click here for our full Weird West review.
Posts: 2119
Location: Brisbane, Queensland
I'm really enjoying this.
Just wish it was co-op
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