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Topic: Measuring How Many Courics? - Our Full South Park: The Fract...
Steve Farrelly
AusGamers Editor
Posts: 7511
Location: Sydney, New South Wales

Yeah, yeah, we may have given something important away in that headline, but we do oh-so love South Park's comedic history (even some of the more cringy stuff from waaaay back in the day). And South Park: The Fractured But Whole is everything you expect from the brand, coupled with fantastic RPG topes, rules and more.

Here's a snippet. A sweary snippet:
If you played South Park: The Stick of Truth, you’re largely in for a very familiar experience here. In Obsidian’s foray, some of the fart and mini-game controls were a bit… well, not so great. Ubisoft San Francisco has listened to that feedback and addressed this in spades. The game’s main mini-game is, as you can only expect from Matt and Trey, about s***ting. In fact there’s an initial challenge thrown down to the gamer to try and s*** in every toilet in the town of South Park. It’s a game about s***ting.

But funnily enough, South Park as a brand is about s***ting on everything. They even had an episode about how many times was too many times to say s*** in a TV show back when swearing was creeping into mainstream, primetime TV. They love the word, and they love act (s*** measured in Courics, for example), and in South Park: The Fractured But Whole, it’s front and centre of the whole damn thing; aiming squarely for the S-Bend, with aplomb abomb. And that’s okay, because it works here and the comedy fits. Just bear this in mind: if you don’t like s***, dick and fart jokes, this game might not be for you.
Click here for our full South Park: The Fractured But Whole review.
Posts: 26079
Location: Gold Coast, Queensland

Was waiting for a patch before playing this due to instability rumours I heard. One dropped and I've just started playing. Seems okay so far - was pretty desperate for some new South Park RPG content and it delivers on that front. Can't help but get that samey feeling from the similarities in location. Maybe things change up shortly.
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