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Topic: PUBG Rated and Strangely Renamed for Xbox One, Plus Our Regu...
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PUBG for Xbox One has received an MA15+ rating in Australia, with the ratings page listing the full title as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds: The Ultimate Life & Death Fight. Holy moly that's a mouthful. And just when you thought saying PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds was a workout. So yeah, not sure why the name change. We'll keep calling it PUBG.

Or, PUBG on Xbox. Much easier.

In other PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds: The Ultimate Life & Death Fight Early Access via Steam PC Original Version news, a new sales milestone has recently been hit with now over 15 million copies of PUGB out in the wild. With the 10 million milestone reached not that long ago, this means an additional 5 million copies were sold in just over a month. Incredible.

Also incredible, the latest concurrent player count record, which now sits at 1,994,815. And that was hit in the last 24 hours. So yeah, expect it to cross the 2 million mark any day now. According to Steam Spy, China and Korea account for half of the current player base on PC.
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Peaked today at 2,016,498
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Alas the PC game is being damaged by rampant cheating. BattleEye reported a few days ago that they had ban 322,000 cheaters. They get between 6k-20,000 cheaters detected PER DAY. And that 'the vast majority of the cheaters were from China'.
Quite a few people on the Official PUBG forums are calling for ping locks/Region locking try and stop this. Some are even calling for Bluehole to isolate China to their own servers entirely, its that bad. I guess that one aspect of console play that would appeal, the lack of cheaters.

Player unknown is on record as saying the game will be at final release before the end of the year, yet a lack of updates recently and very poor netcode performance, hitbox issues, desyncing issues, texture loading issues etc..etc seem to all go unresolved. IF they are going to get it to a final release and fully optomised they have a s***-tonne of work ahead of them. Can't see it happening myself and I reckon the 'finished' date it will slip into next year.
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Location: Brisbane, Queensland
In today's age of constant patching, DLC, and digital delivery what does 'final release' even mean apart from a price bump?
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In today's age of constant patching, DLC, and digital delivery what does 'final release' even mean apart from a price bump?

Probably some new cosmetics you can buy
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