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Topic: More Licenses Equals More Fun - FIFA 19 | Review
Steve Farrelly
AusGamers Editor
Posts: 7830
Location: Sydney, New South Wales

Our newest contributor recruit Toby Berger revealed he's something of a FIFA expert, which excited us because neither Kosta or I are. And so the obvious review duties have been handed to him. And sure, we didn't really understand all the words in it, but it reads like someone who really knows what he's talking about, so we trust the final verdict here.

Here's an excerpt:
The biggest cosmetic change in this year’s iteration of the beautiful game comes via the addition of the UEFA Champions League and Europa League competitions. It’s been a long time coming, and the reintroduction of the two biggest club European football competitions in the world brings with it a slew of great changes. Not only do matches have a ‘big game’ feeling to them now, but the introduction of commentators Lee Dixon and Derek Rae are fantastic, changing up the commentary seen in other competitions in the game — further adding to the atmosphere of the occasion. The negative to new commentators — as you might imagine, if you’ve played FIFA for any number of years — is that repeated lines tend to become glaringly obvious after a couple of matches in either competition, hurting the immersion. It’s a great start, though, and the big match atmosphere is fantastic — bringing these competitions back to FIFA has been something I’ve been hopeful of for many years, and EA has delivered in spades.
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Posts: 12354
Location: Brisbane, Queensland

The best change is players that don't remove their kit after matches.

Looks like some OK changes.
Posts: 1
Location: Sydney, New South Wales

Hah, I saw that! Made for a good laugh.
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