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Topic: Immortal Redneck Review - Rogue Legacy Meets Unreal Tourname...
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Available for PC, Xbox One, PS4, and coming soon to Nintendo Switch, Immortal Redneck is an old school shooter re-imagined through the lens of a rogue-lite. Where dying during a run lets you buy upgrades and new classes to try out. Of course there's a lot more to it than that, with the added lesson of not judging a game by its title alone.

An age or so ago there was a time when one would wander into a game store and judge a prospective purchase by the quality of the cover art on its packaging. Did it look cool? Were there allusions towards untold violence? A real book by its cover scenario. Smash cut to today and with the world of indie games existing mostly in the digital space it all comes down to the title, some screens, a trailer, and perhaps a description or a tagline. Which is a round about way of saying that naming something Immortal Redneck is bound to grab my attention.

Not in a meaningful way, but in just how silly it sounds. Surely, something called Immortal Redneck wouldn’t really be worth taking seriously. Well, in a surprising case of “this, I gotta see” Immortal Redneck turned out to be quite the charmer. An engrossing rogue-lite along the lines of Rogue Legacy, mixed with the old school action of an Unreal Tournament or Serious Sam.

Click Here to Read Our Full Immortal Redneck Review
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