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Topic: Is Ausgamers Dead?
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Hey all ,
Long time browser first time poster. I've noticed that reviews and general news on the main page have ground to a halt. Is this page now dead?
Posts: 4528
Location: Ballarat, Victoria
trog's update/review's duo of Steve & Kosta seem to be taking an extended break

Steve probably burnt out from wordsmithing and has taken up digital art since he got his mits on a nice wacom cintiq
Posts: 17279
Location: Cairns, Queensland

I wouldn't say dead, just under palliative care.
Posts: 3447
Location: Hobart, Tasmania
I'm still sad we're waiting on the next LAN.

ps. Hi Webcentral
Posts: 1914
Location: Gold Coast, Queensland

I was about to ask the same thing, I often check the frontpage for news/reviews but it seems to have ground to a halt.

I suppose a lot of news portals and forums are seeing reduced traffic due to the big players, youtube, reddit etc.
Some Fat Bastard
Posts: 2164
Location: Brisbane, Queensland

I'm still sad we're waiting on the next LAN.

ps. Hi Webcentral

Funny as. Love it.
Some Fat Bastard
Posts: 2165
Location: Brisbane, Queensland

It's on life support. Vet recommends giving the green dream.
Posts: 4634
Location: Queensland

gone but not forgotten <3
Steve Farrelly
AusGamers Editor
Posts: 9825
Location: Sydney, New South Wales

Check the front page now, gang <3
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