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Topic: NAND cra$h, the time to go all-SSD is NOW
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Location: Cairns, Queensland

NAND prices have collapsed, no idea why, I'm sure it's a weird thing to do with fabs and AI and Putin ... the bit for you and me to understand is that SSDs are now ridiculously cheap.

If your PC has a HDD, or you wish you had a little extra speedy space, it's time to hit up your retailer with your free ATO moneys. Gen4 NVME drives w/ 3 years warranty are about FIFTY BUCKS PER TERABYTE. For less than the price of Diablo IV you can add a 2tb SSD to a lonely m.2 slot.

My workstation now has 5 terries all-NVME all-SSD (1tb system, 2x2tb RAID0 storage space) after I picked up 2 ADATA sticks for $220 and its f***ing glorious! I didn't expect to be post-SATA this soon and my kids think it's raining hand me down SATA SSDs.

It's getting to the point that I'm starting to consider all-NAND storage for my home lab's 20tb SAN/NAS mirrored volumes.
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Location: Brisbane, Queensland
Neat, thanks for the heads up. Yes I'm starting to go completely solid state even for network storage too.
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Location: Other International

s***, maybe I can upgrade the server at work. We only have 2tb nvme.

Which brands are good?
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Location: Melbourne, Victoria
Which brands are good?

Samsung are always good, though they did have some issues with the firmware of the earlier 980 Pros. So long as up you update the firmware they're good again. WDs are also trustworthy, though they're the evolution of the old Sandisk drives. 990 Pro and WD SN850X would be the current gold standard for consumer drives.

Main thing if you go with cheaper models to check with cheaper ones is their write endurance - low end TLC drives might have say 400TBW/TB (sometimes worse) versus 600TBW/TB for the high-end drives. Just remember that 980s don't perform like the old 970 Evos due to the fact they pulled back the DRAM it had.

As far as 980 Pro vs 990 Pro performance - 7,450/6,900 MB/s read/write vs 7,000/5,000 MB/s read/write.

As for other brands, I've heard good things about the SK Hynix Platinums, and some of the higher end Sabrent drives (but they're not really available here). I also had good results with the Corsair MP600s back when I was doing a lot of Chia plotting, as these were rated to have a lot higher write endurance than other drives at the time.

Lastly, if you want a drive for a PS5, make sure you get a heatsink.
Posts: 11850
Location: Brisbane, Queensland
I purposely don't use traditional hard drive brands (WD etc) as i feel they truly did not do enough to make traditional hard disks reliable enough in the past.
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Location: Brisbane, Queensland
where mechanical disks not reliable!? ive used 10s of them across plenty of machines and had minimal issues. i cant actually recall any drives failing.
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