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Topic: My Insane, Soul-Crushing Geas
Posts: 17267
Location: Cairns, Queensland

Diablo 4 is coming out soon, and for some reason I've decided to celebrate by attempting to complete D2 Resurrected on the recently refreshed hardcore seasonal ladder.

Before I get to play d4.

I'm probably going to cast it as well because this is hilariously painful.

The Fallen:

RIP Hogfather 23 Necromancer, murked by Duriel in a moment of over-confidence.
RIP Hogfatherer 11 Necromancer, victim of my less than perfect attention to the hit point globe.

Hogfarther, a level 13 20 Necromancer, has most recently taken up arms in the cause.

If you're also insane I'm open to sharing the pain, hmu on BNet :)
Posts: 17268
Location: Cairns, Queensland

Act III, Hogfarther somehow not dead.
Posts: 41624
Location: Brisbane, Queensland
just play dark souls already
Posts: 17269
Location: Cairns, Queensland

Dark Souls is a state of mind, man
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