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Topic: The Settlers is Coming to Console for the First Time in its ...
Steve Farrelly
AusGamers Editor
Posts: 9658
Location: Sydney, New South Wales

An all-new The Settlers is on its way to both PC and console -- the first time in the series' 30-year history that it will be available for console owners. The Settlers: New Allies, which releases this coming March, maintans the series' RTS foundations with a new setting built on the powerful Snowdrop Engine that is used for The Division and will also power upcoming games in the Avatar and Star Wars universes, respectively.

Here's an official breakdown of the new The Settlers experience, set to drop March 23.
Developed by Ubisoft Düsseldorf, The Settlers®: New Allies is a modern take on the long-established The Settlers’ franchise, combining elaborate infrastructure and economic gameplay with tactical real-time battles. Starting with a small group of Settlers, players must explore their surroundings, build up their settlements and optimize resource production to recruit new settlers and an army able to protect their land. Researching economic and military upgrades is critical to create a strong army and overcome rivals.

The game features three main game modes:
  • A story-driven campaign will immerse the players in the world of The Settlers as the Elari, a people forced to flee their homeland, are looking for a new home. They will face many challenges on their journey as they settle on unknown territories and expand their community, from the raiding of ruthless bandits to the discovery of the people and culture of these lands.
  • A multiplayer mode will offer thrilling skirmish battles in Solo vs. AI, co-op vs. AI or PvP featuring up to eight players able to pick from three distinctive factions with unique advantages and units.
  • The Hardcore mode will give players an opportunity to test their adaptability and strategic skills as they face the AI in unique handcrafted challenges featuring a wide range of modifiers and conditions.
Powered by Ubisoft’s proprietary Snowdrop engine, the inviting and lively medieval-fantasy world of The Settlers: New Allies offers colorful environments and detailed animations across thirteen diverse maps available at launch.
Snowdrop is fast becoming the best in-house tool at Ubisoft and it's great to see it being used here. We also can't wait to see what the teams have done with the aforementioned licensed IPs with it.

Stay tuned for more as we have it.

Check out a handful of screens embedded below.

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