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Topic: Weird West is 50% Off on PC Soon as WolfEye Celebrates 6 Mon...
Steve Farrelly
AusGamers Editor
Posts: 9472
Location: Sydney, New South Wales

In fact the dev team at WolfEye has been one of the most proactive I've seen to date where community feedback and engagement is concerned, with any and all discourse around the game going into the melting pot of updates, tweaks, balances and improvements. The end result, six months on, is a game in as good a shape as ever, which is saying a lot as its initial release was still pretty damn good.

To celebrate the transformative nature of a game like Weird West -- an immersive sim with many, many, many moving parts -- the game's key stakeholders have put together something of a "how it's going" style trailer while also offering it up in respective PC marketplaces 50% off, starting later this week (1AM AEST this Friday).

In addition to the discount, WolfEye has made the entire first journey of the game -- the Bounty Hunter Journey -- *free on Steam right now. So if you haven't played Weird West, now is as good a time as any to invest on one of the year's best releases.

Here's more official talk on everything above:
The untamed wilds of Weird West have witnessed many changes since its release back in March. Developer Wolfeye has been hard at work over the last six months, gradually evolving and polishing the Weird West experience based on community feedback.

The successive transformative updates include enhanced player progression with fully revamped and rebalanced RPG systems and economy, more diverse secondary locations, loot and encounters, new combat tuning options and balancing - including an alternative aiming system and increased non-lethal options, reworked companion AI, completely overhauled UI that includes a new Posse Reputation tracker and a whole new game mode that added permadeath, higher stakes and bigger consequences.
*Save files made playing the free Bounty Hunter Journey will carry over to the full product upon purchase.
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