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Topic: Cult of Personality - Our In-Depth Cult of the Lamb Review
Steve Farrelly
AusGamers Editor
Posts: 9396
Location: Sydney, New South Wales

Another massive hit from an Aussie studio in Massive Monster, Cult of the Lamb is a cult management sim with roguelike combat and dungeon-crawling elements. Except it's much, much more than that and to simply explain it as such is almost doing the depth of what on offer here a massive disservice.

Here's a snippet:
During my review period with the game (I played some 45 hours prior to publishing here), I reached 110 days with my key Cult, “In Gamma We Trust”, and had, on average, 14 - 16 Followers in my flock. Your Followers will die and when they die, you can bury them or carve them up for their meat. If you leave them out to rot, you risk making your other Followers sick. If you use the harvested flesh from your fallen disciple, you can cook a risky meal that might instantly kill the Follower that eats it, or they could drop valuable resources. If you bury them, they take up room on your Cult grounds. Over the journey a lot of them will die. However, as you progress you can also gain the ability to perform a Ritual to raise one from the dead, which I did very often with Hulk III, my favourite Follower.
Click here for our full Cult of the Lamb review.
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