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Topic: Metroid Prime Remaster Reportedly Releasing at the End of th...
Steve Farrelly
AusGamers Editor
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Location: Sydney, New South Wales

We should probably preface that this is all currently based on rumour, and while we take so much of the rumour-mill -- especially where Nintendo IP and product is concerned -- with horse-sized salt-lick grains of salt, we kind of just want to believe there's some truth here.

So, with that out of the way, it's being speculated that we'll be seeing a Metroid Prime Remaster released for the Holiday period this year.

That's according to industry veteran, Jeff Grub, who could very well just be willing this to happen, like the rest of us, but he is a person with a bit of reach and some higher-up industry friends, so we'll err on the side of... hope, for now.

He revealed information on the above via Giant Bomb's Game Mess Mornings show and also suggested that Metroid Primes 2 and 3 were also "pretty much done" though suggested they were being held off for release at a later stage.

Plenty of Nintendophiles on social media have suggested the staggered release of the whole trilogy might be being done in such a way so as to ready a whole new set of fans for Metroid Prime 4, which is currently being developed by OG Prime studio, Retro.

There's a Nintendo Direct taking place tonight for Aussies (June 28) at 11PM AEST for third-party titles specifically, with further rumour suggesting a first-party-focused Direct is scheduled for later in July.

Stay tuned for news on the above Direct and for any movement on this hopeful rumour, as we're basically just praying to the Chozo gods, like, DAYANDNIGHT at this stage for this damn game to get its remastered time in the sun on a good Nintendo console.
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Oh please be true this time.
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Location: Brisbane, Queensland

I still remember your original review of Prime mate. A whole new level of fangirling. I do hope they bring out the whole trilogy at once though and not just the original, although that doesn't really seem like Nintendo's style in recent years.
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