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Topic: Looking for a new gaming mouse...
Posts: 2118
Location: Brisbane, Queensland
Have a Logi hero G502.

Prefer one with wings on left and right side so my pink doesn't drag.
Prefer a easy to get to button to increase the mouse speed up or down.

Has QGL done a mouse hardware review lately?
Posts: 147
Location: New South Wales
Posts: 24864
Location: Brisbane, Queensland

I just got this. Very happy.

Posts: 41604
Location: Brisbane, Queensland
the search is over;
Posts: 1039
Location: Other International

What about something wireless?
Posts: 2220
Location: Canberra, Australian Capital Territory

That’s a blast from the past @Spook.

I’m currently in the market for a new mouse too. I’ve got a G700 that the left click sensor is dying on…

I’m going to pursue de and re-soldering the switch but this is going to likely cost me more than the price of a new mouse (need a soldering iron et al).
Posts: 17227
Location: Cairns, Queensland

I normally just go Logitech but I'm kind of a basic bitch for mice. Their stuff seems to work longer than others.
Posts: 138

I'm using this and I game with it no prob (although if I was competitive I would not use it)

Was using a g502 as well so I miss the 'sniper' button, which I just rebind and used as a third thumb button

Posts: 2910
Location: Sydney, New South Wales

HyperX Pulsfire Pro. thank me later.
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