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Topic: Aussie Streamer/Caster Steppin Up - "Defecting" to AoEII &am...
Posts: 42
Location: Cairns, Queensland

Hey all,

Shoot me down for self promoting if need be, and I don't intend to rag on the old communities I come from (here, anyway). But I'm just looking to announce a switch to regular streaming of AoEII & AoEIV content!

I'm an Aussie streamer who's been involved with the Age of Empires Online community for the past 3 years, and had a stint in the Age of Mythology communities last year. I have casted, organized and played in a handful of tournaments in AoEO (thanks Project Celeste!), and played in some for AoM (thanks Nakamura and Meta Plays!).

I don't think I'll be the next TheMista, but I do wanna give a bit of encouragement to up and coming Aussie and other Oceanic players in either game, or any really. Would be cool to get regular AOEII Deathmatch or Empire Wars 1v1, and Age of Empires IV 1v1 and/or 2v2 tournaments going, especially for less serious players and ones in crappier timezones/regions for competitive RTS!

Some gameplay:
The Fastest, Ugliest & Most Multipronged 1000 Elo AoEII Gameplay You'll See Today! Mass Melee (Randomed) Mongol Playstyle:

AoEIV - Trying Out English for the Second Time in Quick Match!:

My Stream:

Install AoEO (Free, and the game responsible for half a dozen top tier AoEIV players, with only the smallest active PvP RTS playerbase itself):

Also, lets strongarm the AoEIV devs into adding Deathmatch, Tiny, and Empire Wars :P
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