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Topic: TV 2021
Posts: 24827
Location: Brisbane, Queensland

What new and returning TV shows have you been watching in 2021?

Some of my favs are:
Adult Material
I Hate Suzi
Search Party - A+
Sabrina The Teenage Witch
The Undoing (OK at the start but gets lame)
The Queen's Gambit (excellent)

What are you looking forward to returning?
Stranger Things
Posts: 27373
Location: Gold Coast, Queensland

Better Call Saul is my #1 desire. Last season was great.
Posts: 170
Location: Gold Coast, Queensland

S5 of The Expanse

that's about it
Posts: 41552
Location: Brisbane, Queensland
been watching a few different things.

ploughed through Schitts Creek and loved that.

totally addicted to my 600lb life

watching superstore atm.

hoping stranger things doesnt f*** it up, been good so far.
Posts: 40126
Location: Other International

Just watched The Stand (Amazon Prime), the latest remake of the awesome Stephen King novel. It was really good! If you have read the book or like King-esque horror in general, post-apocalyptic sci-fi-ish, good-vs-evil-with-religious-overtones, it is worth a watch.

Not as truly terrifying or scary as I recall the novel being but they did a really great job capturing the core of the story.
Posts: 40127
Location: Other International

oh s*** and we just started watching WandaVision on Disney+ - spinoff of the Marvel Cinematic Universe feat. Scarlet Witch and Vision. Only a few eps in but it is trippy af and really interesting so far - very very different to the usual round of TV. Check it out if you're into MCU.
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