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Topic: TV 2021
Posts: 24827
Location: Brisbane, Queensland

What new and returning TV shows have you been watching in 2021?

Some of my favs are:
Adult Material
I Hate Suzi
Search Party - A+
Sabrina The Teenage Witch
The Undoing (OK at the start but gets lame)
The Queen's Gambit (excellent)

What are you looking forward to returning?
Stranger Things
Posts: 27373
Location: Gold Coast, Queensland

Better Call Saul is my #1 desire. Last season was great.
Posts: 170
Location: Gold Coast, Queensland

S5 of The Expanse

that's about it
Posts: 41552
Location: Brisbane, Queensland
been watching a few different things.

ploughed through Schitts Creek and loved that.

totally addicted to my 600lb life

watching superstore atm.

hoping stranger things doesnt f*** it up, been good so far.
Posts: 40126
Location: Other International

Just watched The Stand (Amazon Prime), the latest remake of the awesome Stephen King novel. It was really good! If you have read the book or like King-esque horror in general, post-apocalyptic sci-fi-ish, good-vs-evil-with-religious-overtones, it is worth a watch.

Not as truly terrifying or scary as I recall the novel being but they did a really great job capturing the core of the story.
Posts: 40127
Location: Other International

oh s*** and we just started watching WandaVision on Disney+ - spinoff of the Marvel Cinematic Universe feat. Scarlet Witch and Vision. Only a few eps in but it is trippy af and really interesting so far - very very different to the usual round of TV. Check it out if you're into MCU.
Steve Farrelly
AusGamers Editor
Posts: 8815
Location: Sydney, New South Wales

Might be a bit late, but did anyone check out Lower Decks? I was really surprised with how good it was.

Also another animated comedy from the Regular Show team - Close Enough (adult) is really super-funny.

If you're into anime at all, Demon Slayers is really, really good. But super-violent and dark, so don't let your kids watch it.
Posts: 17121
Location: Cairns, Queensland

Finished watching WandaVision today and was really happy with the series. It moved the main MCU canon along and wasn't the usual cookie cutter superhero fare. Given that Disney didn't f*** up this or Mando, I have high hopes for the s*** tonne of Marvel and Star Wars TV they have queued up.

The Boys is one of my favourite TV shows at the moment and I'm thirsty as f*** for season 3. Its a brutal story of what a real world with corporate-backed superheroes would be like.

Resident Alien is absurd and hilarious and also just plain fun sci-fi. Its totally carried by Alan Tudyk who is perfectly cast for the titular role's often deadpan delivery.

Superman & Lois is enjoyable and I'm pleased to see another season has been given the nod. Its way better than the also-Arrowverse Supergirl show and probably the best Superman TV or movie content I've seen in years. I would have obviously preferred Cavill as Kal but you get what you're given, and Tyler Hoechlin is doing a fine job as big blue.

The Watch while not as true to Pratchett's Discworld novels as I would like is still good fun fantasy TV. That said its inspired by Terry's works and not a true take; avoid if you're a massive fanboy of the books and can't handle character forks and changes; for example the Patrician is a *gasp* woman!

I watch Batwoman with the missus because she likes it but its a f***en struggle. Beats Grey's Anatomy though so there's that.

Snowpiercer is not bad and I watch it every week, I just find the premise hard to accept and I'm usually pretty forgiving of this sort of thing. Why can't the f***ing train ever stop? Why can't the fancy pants Eternal Engine heat everything while its at rest?! Unfortunately that isn't the only glaring logic hole like this that you have to just accept, there's also a sprinkling of MacGuffins, character choices and narrative holes that don't make a lot of sense.

Obviously everyone is waiting for a new Witcher series too, if you haven't watched it yet get on it.
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