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Topic: 1Up Times Fore! Nintendo Reveals Mario Golf: Super Rush
Steve Farrelly
AusGamers Editor
Posts: 8797
Location: Sydney, New South Wales

Today's Nintendo Direct was a mixed bag of older catch-up titles making Switch debuts, games with beyond interesting names and one or two diamonds in the rough. Heh, that kind of just rolled along the wordplay fairway, but here we are, ready to talk about what this game's writer is most excited about, Mario Golf: Super Rush.

Surprisingly subtle details on more in-depth golf-specific mechanics makes this potentially the best entry in the Mario Golf series since the utterly brilliant Mario Golf: World Tour for 3DS from Camelot Software. With features like topography, wind, lie and other factors all bearing down on your shot and club decisions, you could be forgiven for thinking Super Rush was taking itself seriously, but the addition of multiplayer in modes like Speed Golf where all players tee off at the same time and you rush to get your ball to the flag quicker than everyone else, while utilising classic Mario powerups and weapons, means Super Rush still maintains the fun and charm of any game based in the Mushroom Kingdom

And it wouldn't be a true Nintendo experience without the company's never-say-die approach to motion (read: waggle) controls, where a Joy-Con can be quickly turned into a virtual golf club. Though thankfully this isn't a forced control scheme, with traditional controller options for play available as well.

Additionally, the game will also feature a Mii-starring Story Mode with the ability to take your leveled-up Mii into a Vs mode as well. Coming on June 25 for Nintendo Switch, Mario Golf: Super Rush was about the best announcement out of Ninty today. Watch the announcement trailer embedded below.

GAME TRIVIA - Did You Know?

The golfing avatar for the NES' Golf resembled Mario to a tee. And while he was never specifically referred to as Mario, like the ref in Punch-Out you just knew it was him, making golf the first sport Mario would ever appear in. Later, NES Open Tournament Golf released, this time with a fully outed Mario as its main driver.

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