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Topic: Steam Game Festival: First Class Trouble Demo Incoming, New ...
Steve Farrelly
AusGamers Editor
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And that's the point of this unique "social deduction game". Six real-world players are tasked with shutting down a rogue AI sending "personoids" (or robots) to kill them. Unbeknownst to the full group, however, is that two of the real-world players are chosen at random to be personoids, creating layers of paranoia, mistrust and likely misplaced deduction.

The trailer after the news copy here doesn't really showcase enough of what's in store beyond pure chaos, but the closest we can deduce ourselves is that this is in a similar vein to Among Us only more insane and set in a retro-future art-deco setting, and that it actually looks like a lot of fun. It's also coming to the Steam Game Festival this week in demo form from publisher, Versus Evil. Here's the *maybe* official line on what to expect:
First Class Trouble is a multiplayer social deduction game where six players must work together to shut down C.A.I.N., the rogue A.I. of a failing luxury space cruise-liner that is trying to kill them. Two of the six players are chosen at random to secretly play as Personoids, killer humanoids sent by C.A.I.N. to betray the other players.
You can find more on the game's Steam page, otherwise check out the latest video featuring player reactions embedded below.

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