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Topic: Guilty pleasure game confessions
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In the spirit of trying to create some different gaming discussion, I have a confession:

I have been playing The Simpsons: Tapped Out on Android (also on iOS pretty steadily for the last year. I played it for a while when it first game out in ~2013, but dropped it after I moved overseas.

If you haven't heard of it, it's like SimCity with The Simpsons characters, crossed with one of those annoying tapping games (like Farmville, I guess, though I never played that). You rebuild Springfield after Homer blows it up in a nucular pannerplant disaster.

It is absolutely the sort of game I would, under normal circumstances, despise - an pointless click-fest optimised around trying to trick you into buying in-game currency (donuts!!). Worse it's made by EA.

But I just love The Simpsons and it has some really callbacks to classic Simpsons moments, as well as some genuinely funny bits (e.g., one of the campaigns that dropped this year had Homer commenting obliquely on the COVID situation, wondering why the newspaper suddenly had no sports and 12 pages of obituaries). It has almost every single thing that has ever been in a Simpsons episode, from every obscure episode (e.g., the donut torture machine from Halloween special). Most of the stuff in it recently is from episodes I have never seen.

They have a lot of interesting attention to detail as well - e.g. at the moment it's winter in the US, so everything in the game has snow on it. All the buildings have a winter style with snow. In autumn many of the trees get awesome fall colours.

In the last year though I ramped up playing focusing on getting donuts so I could go buy all the old classic characters and now I have almost all of them except for a few (like Moleman). My town is chaos - I've just grouped buildings to make tapping them faster and easier - but now I've got most of the interesting stuff I'm hoping to find some time to make a nice town. Some of the random friends I have in-game must have spent zillions of hours building and decorating their towns as they look amazing.

There is not much multiplayer aspect of it but you can add other people (add me, I am trogau) and click on their buildings to generate friend points.
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Location: Cairns, Queensland

I continue to purchase wow collector's editions and resub for a month when they launch :( This can't be healthy!
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Location: Gold Coast, Queensland

I must buy every game bundle. I then install game bundles onto my harddrive and never play any of the games.
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Location: Other International

I must buy every game bundle. I then install game bundles onto my harddrive and never play any of the games.
this reminds me of my behaviour with the Epic Games Store free games, of which I have like, over 100? and I've never even installed the EGS client, let alone any of these games
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Location: Melbourne, Victoria

My guilty pleasure would probably be Fallout Shelter in that it's the same sort of click fest where you're not doing much but still feels like you're doing a lot. Though the real answer is probably Diablo III in that there's no real reason for me to keep playing... but here I am every new season creating new characters and doing Rift # 100,450. Even with the next-gen consoles and Cyberpunk -- I played as much D3 over the break. But I guess that's probably more comfort food. Would a guilty pleasure be an outright Bad Game?
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Location: Cairns, Queensland

Actually yeh, d3 console seasonal is my naughty jam.
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Location: Brisbane, Queensland

I still often play through old school Square-Enix games. Final Fantasy 8 and Parasite Eve 2 etc etc.

I have a bunch of new-ish games sitting there which I'll often pick up on Steam sales, but I rarely get into them. When I do I knock them out, then go back to some good late 90's games instead.
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Location: Brisbane, Queensland

Haha, how good is the ad for The Simpsons: Tapped Out.

I'm never guilty about my gaming, except sometimes. But mostly between work, family, and maintaining the property I don't get a huge amount of down time. So I tend to try spend as much down time as possible gaming. Cyberpunk and Zelda Breath of The Wild are my current obsessions.
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Location: Other International

haaaaaaaahahahah that is f***ing hilarious, I have never seen that.

IT ME. my partner is often asking me if I'm "taking care of my Simpsons family" when I'm on the phone.

it really captures the spirit of the game's writing too - it is very tongue-in-cheeck-self-deprecating humour, poking fun at the sort of people that would play a game like this.
Posts: 21631
Location: Brisbane, Queensland
i've pretty much been a "mobile" gamer for a few years now and enjoy the f*** out of the game i play

poking fun at the sort of people that would play a game like this.

most mobile games ha ha
Posts: 1348
Location: Victoria

I still play BF2.

There's still 2 populated servers.
15 years I been playing it... probably explains a lot.
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Location: Brisbane, Queensland

Posts: 3064
Location: Queensland

I re-subbed to WoW for the first time in.....9 years, I think, a few days ago. A lot has changed but I am not liking it. I don't like the new talent system or the lack of other abilities that I had previously. I'll play the month out and go from there. If I end up liking it enough I will get the expansion. Would be nice if Blizzard have you 30 days if you buy the expansion or at least give you a cheap combo deal for the expansion and 30 days. But NooOoooOOooo. That would make sense and be consumer friendly. Name changes and race/faction changes, server changes are too expensive too. Thats enough of my ranting on that.
Posts: 17111
Location: Cairns, Queensland

Blade: You can get a 30 day voucher if you buy the Collector's Edition, was only $180 at launch and you can get them 2nd hand for a few hunge!!!! o.O
Posts: 40122
Location: Other International

I forgot The Paperclips Game, one of the most incredible, simple, addictive, quirky things I've ever played
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