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Topic: Watch This - Cyberpunk 2077's Super-Impressive Photo Mode
Steve Farrelly
AusGamers Editor
Posts: 8738
Location: Sydney, New South Wales

Sounds odd highlighting features like this having worked in this business from as far back as almost only being able to use screens given to us by publishers and devs (PC excluded, obvs), but the old Photo Mode has become a big deal in modern gaming, and now there's a one-upmanship component to its addition to games, with titles like Marvel's Spider-Man, Ghost of Tsushima and the more recent Assassin's Creeds, among many others, serving up options galore and a way to share your experiences in as creative and freeform ways as you like.

Today's video ahead of the game being finally in everyone's hands on the 10th of December gives extra value to the mode in that the OTT nature of a retrofuture open-world game with unprecedented freedom, can now be captured in the most awesome way possible. But seriously, enough from us, just watch the video embedded below.

Posts: 27308
Location: Gold Coast, Queensland

Man I can't believe we're less than a week away. This game really needs to be good or I'm going to be crushed. 0451 games are my absolute favourite and I want to have the same feeling I had playing Deus Ex for the first time when I play this. I need that feeling so bad :(

About midway through 2019 I decided to build an all out f*** you suck my dick build just for this game and the final pieces were put into play a couple of weeks ago. Everything is 100% ready. Bring that s*** on.
Posts: 3061
Location: Queensland

This will be pretty cool. 7 more days.

Me looking at this and other 2077 stuff.
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