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Topic: Gardening Thread #1
Posts: 6684
Location: Brisbane, Queensland

I gave it a number because I know it's going to be as popular as Politics threads!
Spring is only a few weeks away and I figured many here would be old theses days and of the landed gentry and have side projects going on... so what's yours?

I've recently ripped up most of the grass on the nature strip and am going for a native low bush/flower setup.
In the front yard I also have a few fruit; Lemon, Lime, Avocado, Cherry Guava, Garlic, Chili and Passion Fruit and out back I have Orange, Mango, Pineapple, Tomato, Sweet Potato, Mulberry, Macadamia and some herbs on the go. Bats got like 70% of my Mangoes last year. Also some decent Sun Flowers at the moment (one is ~2.7m tall, and Soccer ball sized flower)

Chili works well because a guy at work makes his own hot sauce, but hates growing things. So I produce, he makes and I get free hot sauce.

Not much in the way of Vegies yet (sans Sweet Potato) but I was thinking I could fit in a raised bed somewhere out back too. Though I'm not sure what I would include in it.

All in all probably spent more money than I have recouped so far (definitely on the young fruit trees) except for Tomatoes and Sweet Potato, those things are stupidly easy to grow. Tomato taste about a million times better than any store bought (even fruit market) ones too. Hoping that swings around when some of the trees mature.
Posts: 4105
Location: Brisbane, Queensland
My front yard was mostly weeks so I poisoned all the grass turned the soil over and mixed in gypsom and planted zoyzia grass seed. I cleared out a bunch of plants in the front garden bed and want to plant some lavendar there in spring.

Back yard I cut down two trees that someone had planted in the retaining wall, I'm thinking of a vege garden or some small native plants up on the ledge.
Posts: 41496
Location: Brisbane, Queensland
i hate my yard, its always been weedy.

did some turf in a section and it was beautiful, but then got moth worms in and it mostly died.

really want to blitz it all, and just start again, id love to have nice grass :(
AGN Admin
Posts: 40028
Location: Other International

I still have my lime tree from my old first attempt at a gardening thread! But it's currently at my parents place, though I'm thinking of trying to move it to mine.

I'm still in a unit but have been looking for a house for a while now and one of the main attractions to me is being able to do more serious gardening. We have a bunch of indoor plants and bunch of stuff on the verandah but hard to get too serious about it.

Been growing basil, although I can't seem to keep them alive past a couple months. Rosemary and mint seem unkillable.

I want to get back into chillies but haven't had much luck in the past - animals would come and eat them straight off the plant (never saw them but I think it was possums, they would also eat my strawberries).

I have heard zucchinis are pretty easy to grow too. Not a huge fan but thought I might as well have a crack.
Posts: 4479
Location: Ballarat, Victoria
imma get a vegepod
Posts: 6685
Location: Brisbane, Queensland

really want to blitz it all, and just start again, id love to have nice grass :(

I hated my front lawn so I got rid of most of it. Still have back lawn though, but encouraging some native violet, kidney weed and clover to grow with the grass. Just have to hand weed any bindies (none for a year, which is good) if they pop up. Pure/"good" grass looks like it would be so hard/impossible to maintain without a lot more work than I am (apparently) willing to put in.

animals would come and eat them straight off the plan

I've had a lot of problems with Fruit bats eating Mangoes and (I think) rats eating Oranges, but most things seem to leave my Chillies alone.
AGN Admin
Posts: 40032
Location: Other International

I hated my front lawn so I got rid of most of it.
Looks awesome now, those sunflowers are great!! I think that was the right choice.

Been looking at a lot of houses recently in the hope of buying and I'm always disappointed because many of them seem to have weirdly placed lawns, especially out the front like that, which don't seem super practical or really useful for anything other than pretending you have a yard. Blitzing them for a whole garden is a great idea I hadn't really thought about. One thing that makes it annoying though is the trend of people to get crappy laws re-turned when trying to sell - so you get no real feel for how "good" the area is in terms of getting sunlight.
Posts: 6686
Location: Brisbane, Queensland

Yeah, nor what the soil /drainage is like under normal conditions. I lucked out. Got a mix of native and food plants in there and all seem to be growing well. Did bump up my water bill getting it established though, but now it shouldn't need too much (except the next batch of Sunflowers I'm getting ready to plant now) as the natives should be find and I'll only have to spot water the food ones.

So far the response from neighbours (and people walking down the street) has been positive too. Once it's established I'll have plenty of lemons and limes to give away for free too. I have about 100 chilis on my Birds Eye bush at the moment and cant seem to give them away fast enough.
Posts: 2124
Location: Sydney, New South Wales
Grass can be really easy for good enough results I've discovered. I think the key is the wetting agent (ie seasol) and after that chuck on some fertilizer every 3 months.
AGN Admin
Posts: 40033
Location: Other International

Discovered today BNE has a compost rebate programme that might be of interest:

unfortunately I don't have anywhere to put a compost bin; my unit's verandah gets basically full sunlight all day whhich I've heard is not great for composting, otherwise I would 100% be doing it all the time
Posts: 6687
Location: Brisbane, Queensland

I have a 3-bay outdoor compost setup. 3x 1m x 0.7m bays, fenced in by mesh.
1 full, 1 filling and 1 to 'turn' the other piles into. I'll likely not need so much in the long run, but I'm still breaking down some large piles from when I first moved in and did a big blitz. I still have a few piles to get through so I just chuck more brown stuff in from them when I add kitchen/grass bits.

Can't find a similar for Logan, but the Brisbane one looks like you need to buy a bin/worm farm anyway, rather than a self constructed one.
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