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Topic: Meet Iron Harvest's Rusviet Faction in this New Developer Vi...
Steve Farrelly
AusGamers Editor
Posts: 8606
Location: Sydney, New South Wales

We've had some time on the 1920+ battlefield that is the forthcoming RTS, Iron Harvest 1920+, thanks to some beta access. And can say without a doubt this is a game you should have firmly circled on your calendar with its European countryside painted landscapes, and not even specifically because of the game's 1920+ origins and its subsequent visual style. It's just a bloody good RTS when it comes down to it.

Today's new video highlights one of the game's key factions in the Rusviets, described better by the game's developer, KING Art Games below:
After the great war and on the brink of revolution, the Rusviet nation is struggling to keep a constant flow of resources up and running. Resources they desperately need to fuel their huge, expensive war machines. This video introduces the Rusviet Mechs and gives a first idea on how they are used best on the battlefields of Iron Harvest 1920+.

Inspired by post WWI-history Iron Harvest tells the story of an Rusviet Empire facing internal struggles while trying to maintain a dominant position on the battlefields. Close combat with heavy mechs or slow but highly devastating artillery are to be balanced when players lead the Rusviet soldiers to the front.
Watch the new Rusviet faction video embedded below.

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