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Topic: Rocket Arena – Blasting Our Way Through the Latest EA Orig...
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During this morning's EA Play stream we got an updated look at developer Final Strike Games' Rocket Arena. No longer first-person and now an EA Original due for release on July 14 - it presents 3v3 PvP combat where your weapon of choice (and the only weapon) is a rocket launcher. With cross-play across PC, PS4, and Xbox One we went hands-on with the game ahead of today's reveal.

First, the trailer.

Nothing but rocket. It sounds like the recipe for a fun Quake III Arena mod where all weapons are projectiles – flying through the air stuff that just so happens to explode on impact. For its roots that are buried somewhere in the arena-shooter realm from the ‘90s, the aptly-titled Rocket Arena is rocket-to-the-face action that’s fun for the whole family. On that front one can’t help but be reminded of Nintendo’s take on the whole competitive shooter thing that debuted on the WiiU – Splatoon. Or, to a lesser degree, Fortnite. Thanks to the third-person over the shoulder camera and the fast pace of the action.

With rising damage meters and arena-leaving knockouts there’s a dose of Super Smash Bros. too.

A bright cartoon world, a cast of equally bright characters, and matches that are over in a matter of minutes -- Rocket Arena has a pick-up-and-play quality that lends itself, or even positions itself, as something that can be played for a few rounds here or there.

Click Here to Read Our Full Rocket Arena Hands-On Preview
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Location: Melbourne, Victoria
Okay, nothing about this trailer whatsoever tells me about how this game plays :/

Cool music though.
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