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Topic: Dry Land Is Not a Myth, I've Seen It - Beyond Blue Review
Steve Farrelly
AusGamers Editor
Posts: 8572
Location: Sydney, New South Wales

When it comes to larger-name games, or the Triple-Letter space, educational titles don't really come to the fore. However, things look to be on a bit of a change in this 'open for investigation' empty slot, and might be being kicked off in this very tumultuous year, with a more optimistic and hopeful lean on the state of the world, with E-Line Media's Beyond Blue.

Here's a snippet from our review:
In all seriousness, what does separate these two is that Beyond Blue picks its lane and sticks with it. Don’t come in thinking you’ll be free-diving the Mariana Trench without too much hassle. The game gives you mini ocean-floor sediment boxes to play in, and by play, I mean scan. Perhaps Beyond Blue’s biggest missed opportunity is in its presented gameplay loop, which is effectively a one-trick seahorse -- and it all centres around scanning. You scan for POIs, you follow markers to said POI, and then once found, you scan the POI. The whole thing is checklist at best, and while you do gain knowledge rewards for scanning, such as unlocking AR models of the scanned animal to look at on board your sub (a mini story and mission or ‘dive’ hub), the repetition of this loop is only upheld by the visuals and serenity around you. If it weren’t for the high production value of the game’s visual and audio makeup, Beyond Blue would be slammed more heavily for its lack of gameplay variety.
Click here for our full Beyond Blue review.
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