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Topic: Desperados 3 Review - Tactical Stealth in the Wild Wild West...
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That's the wicky, wicky, Wild Wild West. As seen in the latest slice of cow-rustlin' and gun-slingin' tactical stealth from developers Mimimi Games, Desperados III. And who better to send into the turn-based saloon than our very own desperado, rough rider, someone of whom you don't want nada - Adam Mathew.

A snippet from his time on the ranch.
Essentially a prequel to the original game, this third outing slides us into the dusty boots of John Cooper. He's a double-fistin' gunslinger who effectively joins forces with a colourful cast of ultra-violent varmints. Folks like a Holliday-inspired killer named Doc McCoy and a deft, derringer-happy moll named Kate. They're also flanked by a man mountain trapper called Hector, and Isabelle, the sort of person mid-'90s The Prodigy tried to warn us about (read: magic people, voodoo people). Each of these reprobates comes with their own unique style of killin'. We'll get to those in a sec.

Thankfully there's a point to all this shanking. Desperadoes III is a story-driven experience that revolves around Cooper trying to get his moral ledger back in the black. This involves spilling lots of red in a revenge tale road trip across a diverse range of locations. We're talking dusty mesas, Colorado mountains, and you can even quench your thirst for vengeance during the odd “gator raid” on a swamp. All told, this pan-American adventure has a few ace locales up its sleeve and tells a decent tale, but it sure ain't no Dances with Wolves.

Click Here to Read Our Full Desperados III Review
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