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Topic: Light the Way, Razer - Razer Kiyo Broadcasting Camera with I...
Steve Farrelly
AusGamers Editor
Posts: 8563
Location: Sydney, New South Wales

You might not realise how much you need to update your webcam, especially if you're using a baked-in cam from a laptop or the like. But in a world of iso and WFH, where you're reaching out to friends, loved ones and required acquaintances (that is, bosses and colleagues and such), having a top-notch webcam might be all that stands between you and a WFH promotion. Enter Razer's Kiyo Broadcasting Camera which helps with the above, and is also a great entry tool for would-streamers.

It's also an affordable entry point, or upgrade, and is both light and robust, while being plug-and-play friendly. The biggest selling point though is its illumination capabilities. Here's a snippet from our review:
In addition to the above, the Kiyo also streams in 720p at 60fps, which makes this near two year-old device still essential. And that fork in the road? Well, upon the work from home (WFH) mandate of the past few months, having the Kiyo on-hand has made our Zoom, Webex, Teams, Hangouts (et al) meetings better than ever, while also amplifying connections with family and friends. Whether it’s been in remote meetings from a business perspective, or just hanging with a core group to chat or even do silly trivia or the like, Kiyo has helped us remain super-connected. And while we’ll cover this off in a separate review, utilising Kiyo in tandem with the Razer Seiren X Condenser Streaming Microphone, has just made everything that much easier.
Click here for our full Razer Kiyo review.
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