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Topic: CnC Remastered 3d Away!
Posts: 17033
Location: Cairns, Queensland

Anyone else super hype for this?
Posts: 27060
Location: Gold Coast, Queensland

June 6th right? Can't wait to sandbag my way to the enemy base! :D
Posts: 6653
Location: Brisbane, Queensland

yeah i have Origin Access so i saw it on my list for free :) already pre loaded
Posts: 27073
Location: Gold Coast, Queensland

It's out and it's good. I wish everything was unlocked from the beginning though. I don't really feel like playing the SP in order and was planning on delving into missions and videos at random for a nostalgia hit. Also, how do you get the famous C&C intro movie to play?
Posts: 3042
Location: Queensland

The intro played for me. It's good. I don't remember all the missions but GDI No.6?, with the commando was difficult. I wonder how my much younger self even beat that mission. If they do Tiberian Sun and RA2 next, I will be happy as a clam. Generals also needs a remaster and a expansion to it.
Posts: 27081
Location: Gold Coast, Queensland

When? I got the new graphical and sound update intro but I'm talking about the one where it's like television is playing (At least your mother tipped well *SLAP*).
Posts: 3044
Location: Queensland

Yeah that played. Brings back memories. No idea why it didn't show up for you :(

Link for anyone with no idea what is going on
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