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Topic: Razer Kraken Ultimate Review - Hard-Wired for PC Excellence
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Location: Melbourne, Victoria

The latest in the Razer Kraken series, the Razer Kraken Ultimte, makes a decent case for becoming a go-to bit of audio kit for a dedicated gaming rig. The USB-powered device delivers crisp audio, great quality chat, and a few extra bells and whistles (free of an distortion) to help stand out.

The latest in the long-running headset line from Razer opts for a hardwired USB-connector in favour of the versatility that comes from 3.5mm adapters and out-of-the-box plug-and-play functionality with multiple devices. The trade-off is immediately noticeable, but there are also benefits that come from focusing on delivering an exceptional PC-only gaming headset via USB. Complete control over the audio, amplification, and DAC means features like THX Spatial Audio have the room to shine. Add in improved software control, and Razer’s latest Kraken is impressive - if a tad on the expensive side.

The Razer Kraken is also something that has seen steady evolution over the years with the Ultimate carrying forward the changes we’ve been seeing in recent months – from the new oval cushion shape of the cups to a shift away from bright neon green. In fact, one of the features we were immediately drawn to be the Razer Chroma RGB integration which adds a vibrant and stylish glow to both ears, making this easily the best-looking Kraken to date.

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