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Topic: Game of the Decade
Posts: 26878
Location: Gold Coast, Queensland

The beginning of another decade is nigh (yes I know it's technically not the next decade till 2021 but whatevs). What would you say the game of the decade was?

Mine would be Fallout: New Vegas which was released back in 2010 with the possible caveat that I'm talking about the modded version. I don't think a game has really executed a cohesive world with so many parts of it touching each other better. The way major characters would move around settlements, the attention to detail in designing a settlement's infrastructure and the myriad of ways the world would react to your actions was really special.

There was also the great writing Obsidian always put out and FO:NV was them at their absolute best. If a character had a name they also had something intriguing about them. And with the exception of a couple of robots every character in the game is killable at all times. Every path is interesting and worth playing through and every character build from melee to firearms to not fire a single shot the entire game is viable and fun to play.

My game of the 2000s was Deus Ex which also came out late the first year of the decade, so Cyberpunk 2077 better be pretty special if this pattern is to hold.
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Location: Brisbane, Queensland
Deus Ex is pretty awesome. I got stuck in it years ago, I think I told you about it, then never picked it back up. I should finish it some time.

There were heaps of games from that era that were so engrossing, like Thief: The Dark Project. I finished that and Thief II: The Metal Age. Brilliant games!

I have New Vegas on Steam I think, but I haven't played it or Fallout 3. I started the original Fallout a while ago but got eviscerated by rats or something in the desert. Why is it always 'taffin rats?

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Posts: 6214

I would say Escape from Tarkov but its technically not fully released yet. Nothing quite like it that ive played. The Witcher 3 is a strong contender. And i agree with Deus Ex for the 2000s.
Posts: 41404
Location: Brisbane, Queensland
dark souls for me.
Posts: 6465
Location: Melbourne, Victoria

A tough one... for me... it's probably Skyrim just in the sheer amount of enjoyment I've got from it on PC and in the recent Special Edition
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Posts: 15634
Location: Brisbane, Queensland

Minecraft. Countless hours in the beta and early release days building and discovering stuff on AG server and others at the dawn of the decade. Still getting value out of it today in so many variations. Truly an all-ages game for the ages. Nothing else even comes close.
Posts: 19215
Location: Brisbane, Queensland
witcher 3 hands down. the last of us is a very close second.

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Posts: 26879
Location: Gold Coast, Queensland

Witcher 3 is my very close second. Third would be Deadfire.
Posts: 16987
Location: Cairns, Queensland

Breath of the Wild for me.

It's been a long time since a game was good enough that by itself it pushed a console release.

I remember walking into an EB to buy a second copy for the kids and the guy literally asked me if someone had bought a Switch without BOTW as though it was an insane decision.

Its also the only game I finished in the 2010s..

The game I played the most of though - by a huge margin - was Dota2. I can't GOTD it though because 6,060 hours in I still don't know if I like playing it.
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Location: Other International

I had the most boring gaming decade of my life, because I have been super lazy about playing new games. Part of this stemmed from living overseas for ~4 years and basically only playing Dota 2 with my mates back home to stay in touch. In sheer terms of time invested, Dota 2 is by far the winner (and I kinda feel the same as Hoggy - 50% of the time I'm loving it and the other 50% I wish I'd never bothered). It's an awesome game but I'm sadly totally unqualified to have an opinion on GOTD outside of this, because I have basically only played that, GTA5, and the Batman Arkham games.
Posts: 24534
Location: Brisbane, Queensland

Company of Heroes 2 for me.
Posts: 12415
Location: Brisbane, Queensland

Eve Online.
Posts: 268
Location: Gold Coast, Queensland
Fallout 4 took out most hours player for me (284) but if I could give the title to a series it would be Borderlands hands down.

I still local co-op a couple of times a year with some of the old (LAN) boys & Borderlands must have accumulated some 500+ hours all up.
Posts: 11833
Location: Brisbane, Queensland
Fallout: New Vegas
I'll second NV. I played it first years ago and didn't like it. The main quest is boring.

But then I replayed it last year and committed to doing all the side quests. Amazing. I can't fathom how they could keep all the moving parts of who is in with who and where together to make such a cohesive and delightfully complex game.

The amount of foregone sleep I lost to playing that amazing game was a bit foolish, but in hindsight worth it. I went from just electing to ignore the seemingly impossible Deathclaws to wiping them out in their entirety with confidence within a few weeks.

It truly was, for me, the zenith of the Fallout franchise and deserves way more recognition than was ever given to it.

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Posts: 3024
Location: Queensland

I don't have a single favourite but here are some of the ones I liked.

Battlefield 3 & 4
Stalker Mod Call of Chernobyl
Shogun 2 total war (I liked Empire Total War better but it's from 2009)
Company of Heroes 2
Men of War Assault Squad 2
Fallout 4
Alien Isolation
The infinite versions of Skyrim and lack of TES 6
Hotdogs horseshoes and hand grenades (VR Game)
Shadow of Modor and Shadow of War
War Thunder

Probably a few more worth mentioning but I can't think or find them right now.

Things I'm looking forward to in the next decade.....

World War 3 in the Mid east.......

TES 6 when Bethesda get their thumb out of their arse
Fallout 5 if I'm very lucky
Posts: 26883
Location: Gold Coast, Queensland

It truly was, for me, the zenith of the Fallout franchise and deserves way more recognition than was ever given to it.
Did you play any of the DLC? Honest Hearts and Old World Blues were pretty much objectively good if you enjoyed New Vegas. I found Lonesome Road a little bit Bethesda-ey but it was still okay.

The big polarising one is Dead Money. When that first came out it just killed NV for me. I put the game down for like a year before finally playing again. It was just so brown and dreary. I found the gameplay mechanics incredibly frustrating. However when I finally did pick it back up and persevered a little it easily became my favourite part. Such great dialogue options and companions and a really grim and open ended conclusion. I won't say anything specific in case you haven't played but if you have I'd love to hear what you thought.
Posts: 156
Location: Gold Coast, Queensland

Surprised Rockstar hasn't got any love so far this thread? The original RDR from 2010 was an amazing experience back then and I still remember picking it up not really knowing what to expect and being blown away. 2 was undoubtedly an improvement in most ways but I found just didn't have the charm and wasn't as fun as the original.

Skyrim has to be up there for me given the amount of hours I spent playing that game. The sheer scope of it at the time was groundbreaking. And then later putting even more hours into it on PC with mods.

But I think my game of the decade has to go to Witcher 3. Or perhaps I should combine Witcher 2 aswell as that was my first taste and what hooked me into the witcher world. After seeing the trailer for W3 I picked W2 up on steam for afew bucks (a steal!) and ended up enjoying it so much that I went back and played the first one. Then after that I decided to read the books. No other game franchise has made me want to go read a full series of books just so I could absorb more of the lore. And I wasn't even a reader.. I had never read a full series of books before that. So when witcher 3 came out I had such high expectations for it and it not only lived up to them but blew them out of the water. After all the multiple playthroughs of it aswell as the multiple of both W1 & 2, I couldn't even begin to imagine the number of hours ive put into the series.
Posts: 6217

RDR2 single player was amazing, but the online component is a huge disappointment. It seems like Rockstar haven't learnt anything from their GTA Online experience.
When are they going to implement a proper anti cheat like Battle-eye and reduce the pay to win?
Posts: 41408
Location: Brisbane, Queensland
RDR2 was too SLOW.
Posts: 1032
Location: Brisbane, Queensland

Breath of the Wild hands down! I keep buying games but most of them aren't finished and I lose interest quickly. BOTW was the first game in a long time that really sucked me in where it's all I wanted to do.

Honorable mentions:

God of War (2018)
Animal Crossing: New Leaf
Forza Horizon 3/4
Posts: 11834
Location: Brisbane, Queensland
Did you play any of the DLC? Honest Hearts and Old World Blues were pretty much objectively good if you enjoyed New Vegas.
Not yet, but I intend to. Will report back in a couple of years.
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