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Topic: The Witcher on Netflix
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I haven't played the games or read the books, but I just finished (binge) watching the first season of this on Netflix. I thought it was really good. From what I have seen of the games on YouTube it looks like this show portrays the world quite accurately. It will certainly fill the void for those missing Game of Thrones, since that series ended.

The Witcher (TV Series) - IMDb
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Location: Brisbane, Queensland
is good.
looking forward to next season.

hunchback yen is hawt
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Location: Brisbane, Queensland
i hope there is a couple of full episodes for world series of gwent.
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Location: Brisbane, Queensland
i'm up to episode 6 and really enjoying it. it's made me want to finally play the first two witcher games.
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Location: Brisbane, Queensland
bit of a snore imo
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Location: Gold Coast, Queensland

Binged it in 2 days after it released. Cavill killed it as Geralt. If you found it slow or hard to follow the jumping timelines you'll be happy to know it will really pick up next season and be easier to follow. This first season was based on a bunch of short stories from the first 2 books, the actual saga starts from here on.
AGN Admin
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I just finished the TV series last night; I had low expectations because I'd never played the game and I'd heard the show was average but I kinda enjoyed it. Some moments were I was totally fkn lost, not sure if it was related to not knowing the lore or just bad storytelling - I think maybe a bit of both. I also really struggled with the audio; both my partner & I found it really hard to simply understand what the characters were saying a lot of the time. Huge Henry Cavill fan and I thought he was great.

Witcher 3 on sale now on Humble Bundle. Can I play this without having played the others? From random searches it seems doable.
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Location: Brisbane, Queensland
you can absolutely play witcher 3 going in blind. it's up to you how much lore and stuff you want to invest in reading in game but imo you could even have a blast skipping every single bit of dialogue and reading nothing. immersing yourself in it is also pretty rewarding tho :D
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Location: Gold Coast, Queensland

Witcher 3 is its own story so you dont have to play the previous 2. The only thing you'll be missing out on is some references and returning characters from the previous games. However if you happen to already have witcher 2 in your steam library from a previous sale then I definitely recommend atleast giving it a go as it is still a great game and still looks nice on a decent PC. If you get past the initial combat learning curve which is basically; Quen shield>attack>dodge>repeat then there is a game with fantastic story, great characters and quests to be had.

Edit: It just went on sale on humble bundle for $2.99..

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