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Topic: High Quality FTTN Modem
Posts: 16973
Location: Cairns, Queensland

I know right, high quality and FTTN together :(

Anyway FTTN whinge aside, I'm getting my s*** together and plugging away with The Reach, my third-person VR-optional MMO. Reports elsewhere of its demise may be premature.

Due to the relative expense of cloud CPU I'm looking at hosting world state locally during early access/alpha mk2, so need to do the best I can with regards to the local network.

Have had a look around and it's super hard to tell the difference between shiny 'gamer' civilian gear and the real deal. I am not a Cisco guy but if that's where I need to go then I can skill up enough to turn it on lol

As always you guys are the best place to go for info :)
Posts: 16974
Location: Cairns, Queensland

lol the people who said Malcolm's MTM would create am overly confusing, fragmented technical environment for consumers were clearly wrong and having a hissy fit over nothing
Posts: 675
Location: Perth, Western Australia

Fritzbox are supposed to be decent.
Cisco are decent but expensive and complex.
Ubiquiti edge router are extremely flexible but tricky to get working on FTTN. has list of commonly supplied ones.

Posts: 6652
Location: Brisbane, Queensland

yeah, for most users i recommend fritzboxes, they just work and if they need VoIP it also does that too.
Posts: 3786
Location: Melbourne, Victoria

Using a frtizbox for FTTC and would recommend.

Pretty stable so far and the fritzos web interface is easy to use but also pretty configurable.

Don't know how good it would be for hosting purposes, but personal use two thumbs up.
Posts: 2099
Location: Brisbane, Queensland
if I can piggy back off this thread,
I have FTTH (Fibre to the home) and have a Netcomm Nighthawk router for the last 3 years. I keep getting disconnection issues with the router and have upgraded firmware (and downgraded) to try to resolve the issue to no avail.
It's a known issue on the forum and Netcomm acknowledge it.

Sometime the disconnections are rather frequent and I do believe heat is a factor too.
CAn you recommend me a replacement router? I've even thought about the Orbi but it's Netcomm and when I researched it it also had random disconnection issues.
Currently on 100/40MB plan fibre plan.
Posts: 3787
Location: Melbourne, Victoria

If you connect your router by ethernet to a box NBN own id recommend a fritzbox.

I've got a 7490 and so far it's been flawless.
Posts: 16976
Location: Cairns, Queensland

Don't know how good it would be for hosting purposes, but personal use two thumbs up.

Is hard to explain, but I don't need to worry about most hosting scenario s*** like firewalls and handling thousands of connections or whatever. That's all in the cloud, all I need is for my connection to be clean and reliably stable to a single IP for a few Mbps.

Anyway thanks team, will give the Fritz a shot before investing in becoming a Cisco tech!
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