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Topic: Superliminal Review - A Matter of Perspective
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For those that played Portal you might recal those ealy moments of awe in realising what was happening on screen - and how it messed with your basic understanding of the physical world. Even in a digital space. Superliminal has a similar effect, albeit it does so via playing with that simple thing we call perspective.

The question is, does the entire game come together to put it into the realm of all-time great puzzlers.
Superliminal, from indie studio Pillow Castle, uses perspective in such a way that initially you get the impression that the same sort of magic trick is taking place. It’s so impressive in execution that one needs to go as far back as Portal to find a puzzle-game that instilled a similar sense of immediate awe and wonder. In Superliminal objects miraculously change in size based on perspective, with the transition often being imperceptible. It then forces you to look at the world in a way that doesn’t make much physical sense. Picking up a chess piece from a table, holding it in front of a distant doorway, and then drop it. Walk up close and you’ll find that it’s now seven feet tall.

See a doll house sitting on a table one minute and then through a series of actions find yourself inside looking out into a large and intimidating room. These moments in Superliminal are nothing short of mind-bending in the most pleasant and surprising way. As is using this readjusted perspective to figure out how to reach an exit.

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