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Topic: Posting about sports
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Location: Gold Coast, Queensland

Don't really think the forum is active enough for seperate threads so figure a general sports thread may be the ticket.

Loving Canberra getting into the GF. Seriously, is there anyone who hates Canberra? Hoping for the Roosters to smash the Storm tonight. Dirty Queensland f***s.

And Japan just upset the f*** out of Ireland in the RWC. They got a knack for doing that.
Posts: 41388
Location: Brisbane, Queensland
lolz, rugby world cup.

afl gf was a write off.

no other sports are worth chatting about, unless we step down to pingpongs.
Posts: 24456
Location: Brisbane, Queensland

The Canberra Souths match was great. I was backing Storm but Sydney were just too good on the night. I backed Richmond but it wasnt worth watching.

Now to see if Elshorbagy can win the Netsuite Squash Championship.
Posts: 26743
Location: Gold Coast, Queensland

Yeah I'm real happy with the GF this year. I love Roosters because they have plenty of good NSW players but Canberra have a special place in my heart.

Can't say I've been following the squash :P
Posts: 41389
Location: Brisbane, Queensland
who will be the best team at running in a straight line forward!?

i can hardly wait!

im probably more interested in the nrl gf pregame, who will they book that the bogans super duper hate!?
Posts: 26744
Location: Gold Coast, Queensland

Posts: 4463
Location: Ballarat, Victoria
Daniel Johns or give Meatloaf another go at tanking
Posts: 1948
Location: Canada
AFL GF was boring as f***.

Souths v Canberra was one of the best league games I've seen in years and I'm stoked they've made it into the final. Also happy that the Roosters made it as well because I put money on them earlier in the year at $4.25 to win the whole thing.
Posts: 1005
Location: Other International

no other sports are worth chatting about, unless we step down to pingpongs.


step UP. ping pong is awesome
Posts: 26757
Location: Gold Coast, Queensland

Man I had some money on Croker to win the Clive Churchill, and when they were announcing it they said Canberra Raiders and a 'J' sound but unfortunately it was followed by 'ack Wighton :(
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