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Topic: Fractal Design Vector RS PC Case Review - Functionality, For...
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Location: Melbourne, Victoria

For some deciding on a new case for a PC build can take just as long as picking out any other important part that might lie within. For you see, this is the thing that will (likely) sit on or below a desk - in plain sight. For Nathan 'nachosjustice' Lawrence, looks never rarely factored into his case purchasing decision making. Until he met the new Fractal Design Vector RS.

Which not only serves as one of the most impressive mid-tower cases currently out there in terms of functionality - but in the looks department too.
Off the bat, I could tell that the top-and-side dark-tint tempered glass (I reviewed the Vector RS Dark Tempered Glass model) was not only stylish and sleek but was going to make the PC components contained within look all kinds of sexy. Admittedly, while still being dark enough to hide my terrible cable management. Such was its beauty, I was tempted to forego the top-mounted Celsius S36 closed-loop CPU Water Cooling System that Fractal Design also provided and leave the top unchanged. Tempted, sure, but I opted for the additional cooling. My long-time fascination with liquid cooling and T-1000 liquid metal will never change.

The rest of the case is well designed in an understated way in terms of its exterior, drawing on the sort of architecture you might find in a fancy hotel or scandanavian museum of arts and weirdo music. The angles on top and front provide that iconic first-glance look, while also leaving logical ridges for optional RGB lighting. I’m not usually one to step aboard the RGB train, but I’m definitely a fan of the strips of lighting that are more subtle than night-time cityscape and neon purples and pinks that Kosta seems to enjoy.

Click Here to Read Out Full Fractal Design Vector RS Review
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Location: Queensland

I'm more interested in the 900d lol. Ive always wanted a full tower. Post pictures of that ginger cat too.
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