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Topic: Project Celeste - Age of Empires Online back bigger than eve...
Posts: 1
Location: Cairns, Queensland

Hey folks,
I just wanted to show you guys the awesome new content Project Celeste has released and has coming for Age of Empires Online!
There's new zones, new quest chains, new events, new PvP maps, new repeatable quests for PvE and PvP, event and tournament exclusive items, and much more!

Forum post about Romans civilization in the works:
A link to the official stream, with tournament VODs:
A guide to installation is below:

This whole Project is legitimate. Project Celeste do not monetize anything in the game, and only accept donations for server infrastructure, development, and tournament costs! They are able to use the original AOEO game content under Microsoft's Game Content Usage Rules.

Hope to see some of you guys on!

Posts: 2
Location: Cairns, Queensland

Hey folks,
Looks like we have some games on the cards for this coming Saturday (12/10/19)!

First game will be Hacsa/IamFlavio Vs. Dak28 at 2PM CEST

Next game (Madlib Vs Crimsoncantab) will commence upon completion some time between 2:45 and 3PM.

The final game for the day will be Greeky Vs Eery, played at 6:20PM* (TBC).

Games are played on the official Project Celeste Stream:

Thanks again everyone!
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