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Topic: Alan Wake Writer, Sam Lake, Wants a Sequel
Steve Farrelly
AusGamers Editor
Posts: 8224
Location: Sydney, New South Wales

And I could have dug deep there to try and ham up a play on words given the game could have been 'lit' or even gone through a 'showrunner pass', but I didn't. Writing jokes, gang... they're fun.

The reason I make light of the above *boom, tish* is because the Alan Wake series was developer Remedy's love affair with episodic concepts being brought into the world of games, something they explored more deeply in Quantum Break.

So news of the original Alan Wake writer, Sam Lake, wanting to finish off, or at least explore more completely, his and the studio's work on Alan Wake as a franchise, comes as no surprise. Here's what he recently said to IGN:
"I want to make it. It's a curious thing. At this point, so much time has passed. I feel that the bar is higher in some ways. It needs to be done right if it's ever done. Everything needs to click into place, which is really hard to make it happen. So many things, for these big games to be greenlit, need to be aligned. But I'm hoping that someday..."
And just like that... a cliffhanger. Well played, IGN. Well played.
Posts: 5866
Location: Melbourne, Victoria

Alternative hedline. "This is Not a Dream. Alan Wake Developer Waking Up to the Idea of Alan Wake Sequel. Written by Sam Lake. Err, Water."
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