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Topic: The Greatest Video Game Action Heroes of All Time
Posts: 5580
Location: Melbourne, Victoria

To celebrate the release of the action-packed spectacle Blood & Truth on PlayStation VR, we take a loot at some of the most iconic action heroes in video game history.

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PlayStation VR exclusive Blood & Truth puts you right there amid all the fireballs, bouncing bullet casings, and fast cars. It's the stuff of action hero legend which is why we've decided to go thorugh some of the all time best.

Did Nathan Drake make the cut? Will a relic from the 1990s make an appearance?

Click Here to Read The Greatest Video Game Action Heroes of All Time

Posts: 26548
Location: Gold Coast, Queensland

Doomguy noticeably absent. He would kick all their asses to Mars and back.
Posts: 5581
Location: Melbourne, Victoria

Hard to disagree with that, but Duke took that spot with his one-liners and 80s action movie style...
Posts: 1136
Location: Brisbane, Queensland
Doomguy doesn't need to speak to say more than Duke ever could.
Posts: 26550
Location: Gold Coast, Queensland

Also he wasn't forever sullied by an abomination like DNF. Dear god that was awful.

JC Denton is worth a mention, but that depends on your playstyle.
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