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Topic: More realistic gaming experience please?
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This is the first forum post I've ever done so sue me if it isn't perfect.

I'm looking for a more realistic gaming experience. To make this short and sweet, I see videos and tutorials of virtual environments that look borderline INSANE. But I have yet to see a platform release or have an interactive game or environment that can be used by the public. I'm more than willing to invest in a platform that will be able to play and process these games. I'm not talking about "The Dive" or some futuristic gaming platform that will revolutionize the gaming industry. Just a photo realistic game that can be interacted with on a detailed level and half decent content. Any suggestions or opinions on how far away we are from achieving this?
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Uhh, walk outside?

I can’t tell you when that game you’ve not talked about, or that platform that wasn’t mentioned will exist.

This is usually how a Gamer would find reference for this kinda stuff.

... I’m principally being a dick because of your poorly formed question.
By definition, a ‘game’ removes quite a lot of the realistic expectations from an experience, and to put it simply, because it isn’t ‘fun’.
Getting back to the your question a little more specifically, the ‘photo real’ stuff is happening right now, though you’re still going to need to sit in front of a computer to use it. So there’s no ‘realism’ in that...

If you’re after a great simulation, I can thoroughly recommend Bohemia Interactives ‘Arma’ or ‘Operation Flashpoint’ franchises; I’ve never felt a game more truly recreated the quote “war is 99% boredom, 1% sheer terror” more faithfully.

I’ll leave you with this.
It’s a short film that was made in UE4 There isn’t something like this in a ‘realistic game’ because those terms are generally at odds with each other. That and because people crafting stuff in these engines are artists, and generally, a well formed and executed piece of art is going to be more interesting than pouring hours of effort into making a game ‘realistic’ that lacks any narrative, experience, or story to drive it.
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division 2

amazing looking game based in post-apocalyptic washington. with a decent pc & all the settings on max it looks very realistic. people's faces still look frozen & cold... but the environments look superb.
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Escape from Tarkov.

Hit up twitch and check it out. Or YouTube.

It's probably one of the most Hardcore realistic shooters out there atm. It also doubles as a looter shooter along with RPG elements.
It can be brutal on new players though, as you lose everything you've taken, or found, in each 'raid'.

Though, if you're looking for a realistic single player experience it probably isn't what you're after. Division 2 is good but i wouldn't call it realistic. It sure looks nice though.
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