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Topic: Netgear Nighthawk XR500 Review - A Great Choice for High-Spe...
Posts: 5494
Location: Melbourne, Victoria

Now, it's common knowledge that a router doesn't dictate overall internet speed, but it does factor in to the quality across WiFi, wired, and a house full of devices connected and online. The Netgear Nighthawk XR500 which has been designed for gaming, includes a brilliant and easy to use OS that offers real-time monitoring and the ability to easily prioritise you PC or console over say, a microwave updating its firmware.

With four antennas and an angular design the Netgear Nighthawk XR500 has that gaming look, a futuristic almost sci-fi design that is one-part high-tech do-dad and one-part spaceship about to go stealth and infiltrate the trenches of the Death Star. The size accommodates features both visible and underneath the hood, from five gigabit Ethernet ports (with one reserved for) to simultaneous Dual Band WiFi, support for 5GHz streaming, incredibly fast 2.6Gbps WiFi speeds (AC2600 rated), a dual-core processor, and even internal storage to house DumaOS and its apps.

The Dual Band WiFi of the XR500 not only means a smoother overall service when multiple devices are connected, and in the age of the smartphone this means it’s tech that has almost become a necessity, but it allows for the OS to offer the versatile tools that it does. The XR500 has clearly been designed as a router for gamers – from the look to the features, functionality, high-speed wireless capabilities and the custom DumaOS software that brings it all together.

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Posts: 5
Location: Western Australia

Ive shelved mine. due to no firmware updates for over 3 months. and the latest firmware not playing nice with my FTTP connection. just check out the netduma xr500 support forums and you will see this this thing is not all its cracked up to be.
Posts: 5499
Location: Melbourne, Victoria

Damn, sorry to hear that. Didn't have any issues here HFC NBN. Though in the past have had to roll-back firmware on Netgear routers after updates made my net drop like ever 20 minutes on the dot.
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