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Topic: Selling Old PC
Posts: 2957
Location: Queensland

I am wanting to sell my old PC, the 1994 era one. I tried to find the old post I had with info about it but the search function here on the forums is borked. Good for anyone interested in old PCs.

$50 DollaryDoos will get you this fine machine. I live outside of Brisbane and the coast but You may be able to pick it up from my Grandpa's place on Tambourine Mountain.
Posts: 41305
Location: Brisbane, Queensland
yes!!! 386dx-40!
Posts: 16912
Location: Cairns, Queensland

holy s*** glorious ide 4 life
Posts: 12313
Location: Brisbane, Queensland
What a beast!
Posts: 2958
Location: Queensland

It's pretty rad. I wonder my my score on cinebench would be lol. So no takers? I'll list it on Facebook buy and sell and see if I get any hits.
AGN Admin
Posts: 39779
Location: Other International

Honestly you'd have to pay me $50 to take it if you drove it over to me to drop it off. I have my 5-6 year old gaming PC here which is still in great condition and has barely been used in the last five years because I've been overseas and I think I'd struggle to sell it!
Posts: 2
Location: Gold Coast, Queensland

Good old piece of hardware
Posts: 11821
Location: Brisbane, Queensland
I have such mixed feelings about old PCs

On one hand it brings back such good memories of back when computers were exciting, when none two were alike, setting your own IRQ & DMA on expansion cards, manually entering cyl/heads/sectors/landzone/precomp in CMOS after setting the master/slave jumpers, modifying the DIP switches on the board for the correct FSB and clock multiplier for your CPU.

Back when computers were a hobby, and to build one took hours. Or never ended, as you added multimedia expansion of 16-bit sound and a quad-spin CD-ROM drive. With free joystick port! Bus powered speakers. When a PSU was a PSU, no-one got into holy wars about brand or perceived quality.

But to pay money for something that i chucked out 10 of, 15 years ago? To store something that has less computational power than a $7 Raspberry Pi Zero?

I just can't do it.
Posts: 11822
Location: Brisbane, Queensland
Also iirc if that's a 386DX40 that makes it likely an AMD chip because intel topped out at 33MHz in the 386 architecture
Posts: 21581
Location: Brisbane, Queensland

Old pc is an understatement
Posts: 2961
Location: Queensland

Screw it, FREE to anyone here who wants it. As is. I just don't want to see it go to waste. If nothing else, someone who knows what to do, they could make this into a stealth build with modern hardware. That would be pretty sweet I think.
Posts: 3
Location: Gold Coast, Queensland

love that retro build! though, If you're getting a SFF or a small form factor PC then then a low profile GPU would work just fine as these can be fitted in any PC almost, also get a fan too with these as summers are here its a good idea to keep up with the airflow of your pc.

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