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Topic: Valve Index
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Location: Cairns, Queensland

OK, you got my attention GabeN.
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*Half Life 3 included

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and these are probably the controllers coming with it.

Posts: 16909
Location: Cairns, Queensland

Yeh, I guess we know now why Knuckles have taken so long to be released.
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Location: Brisbane, Queensland

What is it...
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Location: Queensland

Some sort of Mixed reality head set I assume. Looks like there is a few camera/sensors on the front of it.
AGN Admin
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Is it AR or VR or still to be announced? I've had a look around but haven't found something that seems definitive
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Location: Brisbane, Queensland
I wonder if this is why I started getting totally unexpected Oculus "ads" on facebook mobile today. I say "ads" because they appeared more like facebook System messages, and weren't the type of ad that is available to orsthe.

I've never bothered to look into VR - but may have a look at this!
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Location: Brisbane, Queensland

I'm looking to dive into VR(sim racing but also keen on shooters) very shortly but trying to gauge whether to wait for something around the corner.
I would rather wait for high quality image and smooth refresh rate if that is soon(/now)?
otherwise will grab whatever is the best now.
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Location: Canberra, Australian Capital Territory

That might be a part of it, I’m reasonably sure Oculus is overdue to release a new model of VR kit too.

If you’re planning on ‘diving in’ there’s nothing wrong with the current offerings, though there are some limitations to what you can expect (and I don’t anticipate these problems going away in the short term).
‘Screen door effect’ is present in all of the current VR offerings, which in combination with the fixed lens geometry basically make reading small text on games next to impossible.

Jump on an Oculus Rift CV2 or a HTC Vive when they’re on sale. I bought a Vive in an EOFY ebay deal last year for sub $700. I’m happy with what I got for the price.
Other than that, make sure your GPU is up to scratch. I’d Recommend at least a GTX 1070.

The bigger problem is that I’m yet to find that ‘killer app’ to sell VR as an experience for everyone.
I’ve got loads of VR tech demos and they’re fun for an hour or so, and I’ve also got a few conventional games which have APIs to integrate VR headsets (Dirt and Project Cars are both a blast in VR)

Without a larger customer base, VR is teetering on a ledge atm, and without more VR specific titles, it’s kinda stagnant at this minute
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