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Topic: Psycho's bargain basement...
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Location: Brisbane, Queensland
Yo..those of you who have bought from me will know my stuff's in excellent condition and here's a couple of opportunities. I offer these here to fellow gamers..because you're gamers!....and I don't need to try and get more form ebay. :)

Some might remember that I bought 3 Samsung Odyssey VR headsets last year in June or so. One for me and one each for my two boys...well it turns out myself and my youngest used them for about 10 hours max each and haven't touched them for the rest of the year...we only just admitted to each other recently that is was due to terrible motion sickness.

THIS is very weird because I was a flight instructor for gliders during the 80/90's and had endorsements for aerobatics and such and never got sick doing loops and spins and stalls etc....But I do remember one QGL Lan standing behind Twistie one day watching him play Doom DM and suddenly getting very ill. It's a thing commonly referred to as brain/eye disengagement...I can get sick watching a fps game but when I actually play it I'm fine. A lot of people get this. * I can sometimes still get ill watching YouTube vids of FPS gameplay...but not when I play games themselves.....crazy s*** hey?

So ANYWAY..I have two, PRISTINE Samsung Odyssey VR headsets for sale at a very nice price of $350 each. They still retail from $750 to $ these are a steal. One has third party fabric eye guards that reduce facial sweating and both come with Bluetooth PC dongles. First in first served. If you buy both of 'em I'll let you have them for $300 each.

2nd Story.

My youngest son had his comp s*** itself about 8 weeks ago. so off to Umart I go and put it in for a review. They get back to me and tell me his GTX 980ti has s*** itself and they have RMA it with Gigabyte....and its going to take a month or so before we get any news. So it was time for his machine to get upgraded and we didn't want to wait a month I upgraded his rig to a nice rig with a very nice RTX 2070 GPU and he's happy as a pig in mud.

Come forward a month and I get called by Umart..'come get the replacement card.' I rock up and this mofo is a brand new card!!...its certainly not the original, nor refurbished...the connectors on this baby haven't ever been put into a mobo from what I cans see. Completely pristine in all respects...this thing hasn't seen a particle of dust.

I ask the Umart guy about it and he tells me that some manufacturers actually put a certain percentage of their card 'runs' aside expressly for future RMA situations..he checks it out an agrees it certainly looks like a new card.

So I have a Gigabyte Winforce 6g GTX 980ti for sale at $250. Considering that this GPU still holds its own with the RTX 2060/70 cards and at less that half their's a great card for a person on a budget...or SOMEONE who wants one for an SLI build.

I'll leave these here for a week then they will go to Fleabay. :)

hit me up on if keen.

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Location: Brisbane, Queensland
So not here to buy

Your motion sickness is probably tied in directly to your experience as a pilot. Its probably the delay on the video and is tuned for normal people.
Posts: 6367
Location: Brisbane, Queensland
Actually its got a lot to do with the middle ear, g-forces, gravity and eye /brain information. It's one of the reasons that glider pilots are not permitted to fly inside cloud...(actually illegal)...because you can get disorientated by positive forces on the body and not even know you are inverted, side slipping or diving. You can come out of a cloud, inverted, or even spinning in a rapidly accelerating spiral dive (horrendous situation) and have a 3,000 ft mountain...900 feet from your face. NO recovery.

Spins are a stable form of flight believe it or not, (because one wing is stalled, the other is not, and is easy to recover from) but spiral dives are deadly because both wings are accelerating with positive forces and can cause an aircraft to experience 'flutter' very rapidly...basically you can disintegrate in the air.

This vid shows you a glider and other planes experiencing it...some break up.

I have flown in 'Wave' to 18,000+ feet on oxygen, ABOVE clouds (Lenticular) but when you go into cloud your brain is completely f***ed up...unless you have extremely accurate horizon/positional instrumentation, that gliders simply don't have...but thanks for the vid anyways.

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