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Topic: Trials Rising Review - Blood Pressure Rising?
Steve Farrelly
AusGamers Editor
Posts: 8048
Location: Sydney, New South Wales

If you're in any way intimate with the Trials series from RedLynx (or Ubisoft Kiev), you'll know that heart rates matter and that 000 is just a dial away. This series has been known to take people in the prime of their life and reduce them to dust. Does the latest offering in Trials Rising gift the same experience? Check out our review to find out.

Here's a snippet:
Trials Rising is infinitely better than Trials Fusion and feels like the proper sequel to Evolution. You’re going to get exactly what you expect from Rising, if you’re a Trials fan: crazy course design, a sense of RedLynx just trolling you, some reward, mostly despair but now with added loot boxes for you to open and basically be disappointed with, or not even remotely caring of, their contents. What matters here is that Trials Rising is a game with longevity and challenge. It has options for the creators out there alongside that challenge tentpole for those of us who refuse to hit B or Circle in favour of a complete level reset. Sure, that probably sounds like a cry for help, and maybe it is, but such is the life of a dedicated Trials rider, ever rising to the occasion.
Click here for our full review.
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