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Topic: Watch This - The Sinking City Investigation Gameplay Trailer
Steve Farrelly
AusGamers Editor
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Location: Sydney, New South Wales

We were burnt by the last Lovecraft release in Call of Cthulhu, but Frogware's The Sinking City, it should be said, is looking at the very least, interesting. Adding to that, the studio has released an all-new trailer highlighting the game's investigation gameplay, with a special focus on the idea that at no point throughout your experience, does the game ever hold your hand.

In fact, the studio has made it their prerogative that the player discovers quests and missions in their own stride and in any order they see fit based on how they approach the game.
The video plunges the player straight into the game’s mysterious universe: Charles Reed, a private investigator, is scouring the streets of Oakmont and investigating the cause of the supernatural elements and madness that is devastating the town.

As Charles, the player will be completely alone in their investigation, helped only by their observational skills and trusty notebook. They’ll need to explore crime scenes, collect information, and question the inhabitants without any hints or assistance. While some challenges might be easily resolved, others will require using Reed’s unique abilities, such as ‘Retrocognition’, which allows him to replay past scenes.

In order to succeed in their investigation, the player will need to collect clues, figure out what they have in common, and try to back up their theories using one of the game’s essential tools called the ‘Mind Palace’. While it will let the player submit their hypotheses about potentially guilty parties, it will never tell them whether they're on the right track. The player will have to accept the consequences of their choices.

Taking place in the ‘20s, The Sinking City is an action and investigation game inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft, the master of horror. Discover all the answers soon on PlayStation®4 and Xbox One.
Watch the new trailer embedded below.

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Location: South Australia

Looking good
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