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Topic: Crackdown 3 Review - Boom! Shake The Room
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Pre-release hype or lack thereof surrounding Crackdown 3 has been a little strange. Where certain criticisms seemed to focus on its style of game feeling dated, or relic-like. Said in what we assume were straight faces, surrounded by the countless remakes, remasters, and odes to old-school gaming released each and every year.

So then, heading into this review we were optimistic. On the grounds that the original Crackdown may not be a true dictionary-definition classic - but at the very least a cult one. And now over a decade later, one worth revisiting.

Sadly though, Crackdown 3 - whilst fun - falls short.
In terms of setup and structure though Crackdown 3 is very much Crackdown-classic. But this time with a quasi-futuristic tale of a city overrun by corporate control rather than gang violence. A future that also means technological progress. But even though the new city location of New Providence is full of large futuristic skyscrapers and excavators the size of most buildings – there’s a lot of empty space. Crackdown 3’s visual aesthetic might be cartoon shading, neon lights and animated signs, clean shiny surfaces, and geometric shapes of all sizes, a lot of it feels bland and uninspiring. This also applies to the story, which lacks character and charm. Relying instead on the appearance of Terry Crews and the odd entertaining bit of dialogue or animated comic sequence.

Oh, and that headline - yeah an excuse to reference early-90s Will Smith. The best Will Smith.

Click Here to Read Our Full Crackdown 3 Review
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