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Topic: valley of the boom: series on birth of internet
Posts: 41277
Location: Brisbane, Queensland
pretty interesting doco/drama on the birth of the silicon valley/browser wars/internets.

weird sort of format, but the subject matter is extremely interesting.

netscape vs microsoft, browser wars and how it began and grew
and a third story i wasnt aware of, streaming of media on the internet and a scam merchant who exploited the boom of the internet for cash.

definately worth a watch if you can past the quirky style. lots of breaking the 4th wall, actors talking about being actors in the show etc.

im really enjoying it.

get your hands on it and watch it, would be available on foxtel go, its just screened on foxtel.
Posts: 24225
Location: Brisbane, Queensland

I also got put onto Halt and Catch Fire. It's in a similar theme.
Posts: 41278
Location: Brisbane, Queensland
Posts: 2078
Location: Brisbane, Queensland
I loved halt and catch fire.

I'll def give this a go. Thanks for the heads up.
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