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Topic: What does one do with old DVDs?
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After coming back from being overseas for four years I was confronted with the fact that I own a heap of stuff that I really don't want any more, including a DVD collection. Most of the DVDs I never even used anyway because I had a digital copy and I have zero intent of ever owning physical media ever again. I don't own a DVD/Bluray player and don't want one and even if I had one I could not be bothered using the discs.

Cash Converters offer $0.10c for a movie and $1/season for TV shows. ebay seems like way too much effort unless I try to sell the whole thing as a collection. It looks like there are ways to redeem them for digital versions (at least in the US with services like Vudu but I'm not above using a VPN), except spending $2-$5 per disc to get some crippled DRM version seems dumb.

Be interested to hear what other people have done with DVD collections. Mine isn't particularly extensive but I know a lot of people had way bigger collections.
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I was driving down to Nimbin one time. Absentmindedly I started following the car in front too close. As a countermeasure they threw a blank CD/DVD out the window and it struck the front of my car. I wasn't even mad (it was a brand new car) because it was my fault for tailgating and also a brilliant use of now obsolete digital media.
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It's a conundrum. There must be a lot of DVDs in peoples' homes. Other than Cashies it's probably a case of dumping them at some sort of ewaste facility, like this:

I couldn't find anything about disposing of physical media though. I reckon Cashies is your best bet, and time would be running short for that one. Soon enough they will be worthless. Either that or they'll be collector's items!

With music there is the Discogs Marketplace. I don't know if such a place exists for videos and DVDs, other than eBay. But as far as I know eBay is lacking a wantlist and a means of directly contacting people who want what you have on DVD. It could be a business idea!

I still have a bunch of DVDs that I don't want to part with. Most of them are obscure and not available on digital. There must be a market in it!

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put them in the bin.
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use them to keep birds away from your garden
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When I was about 9, I learnt the harsh realities of it being the 1990s now and that no-one gave a damn about our reliable and good quality Sony Betamax player any more. No matter whether I wanted Home Alone or Aladdin, too bad, you're stuck with Voltron and the Neverending Story.

Fast forward a couple of years (using your corded Sony™ BetaMax™ remote) to CDs. For some reason, due to 'manufacturing costs', or something, the oligarchs decided to swindle you, dear reader, to the tune of an inflation adjusted $50 per CD Album. Pretty steep if you ask me.

Then to the tail of the 90s. Being so embittered by the turbulence and greed of the AV industry and their perpetual format obsolescence, I vowed to never, ever buy a DVD.

And I never did.
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Could give them to Life Line or Vinnies. But they probably have lots anyway. Aside from that, recycle or give them to older relatives you have.

I have most of my collection on 2 external HDDs but I do have Blurays too. I am happy to buy Blurays for movies that I like but the rest can go on the HDD. There is no way I'n downloading 50gb bluray rips until we have south korean levels of internet speed and 20TB drives to store that s*** on lol.
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Optical discs still have a place in that UHD blu-rays still have a vastly superior bitrate than anything that any streaming service will be offering any time soon, but DVDs have been worthless for years

For getting rid of a large collection you'll never use again, I'd say just ebay or gumtree in one or two big bundles would be the best time/benefit solution.
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Crap ones go to Salvo's. Favourite ones stay in collection. DvD's are still fine. Basic player is $75. You can hire a whole series from the library for free. But I guess, who's got time for hiring free DVD's when they are too busy complaining about the price of houses, the privileged, while chomping on avocados in front of netflix, stan, and cable tv,.. none of which we have.
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yeah that 40 cents a day squandered on stan can go to a new house
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I went through this with my VHS tapes a little over 10yrs ago. I haven't done anything about my DVD's yet but when I got rid of my VHS tapes, I sold them in batches on ebay. So for example a batch of 20 action movies or comedies etc. When I get around to my DVD's I'll likely put the whole lot in one batch on Gumtree.
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Ship it to Alaska where the last blockbuster is "thriving":


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yeah that 40 cents a day squandered on stan can go to a new house

Yes, add all the little bits of crap up to arrive at the total of the steaming pile.
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