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Topic: DCS Flight Sim
Posts: 1114
Location: Sydney, New South Wales

Pretty good. DCS:World free on Steam with one or two good aircraft. Then it's buy which ever aircraft you like. I got a Russian attack helicopter. It's currently half price at $35 on Steam.

Pretty full-on flight simulator. The KA50 is single seater. So the pilot handles navigation, weapons, and flying resulting in about 500 million buttons and switches to learn. The process to 'cold start' is huge. However to learn to fly it you can (cheat) 'autostart'. Autostart doesn't work in multiplayer servers I've joined, so I'm learning this huge 'cold start' process. It's so complex that it's hilarious. I'll get it eventually.

There is a Flight Sim LAN (and online clan) in Brisbane who fly "A-10C" and other craft.

Complicated game but kind of fun.

Posts: 2181
Location: Canberra, Australian Capital Territory

Hi mate, not sure if it’s a dyslexic thing, but the Sim is called ‘DCS’ (Digital Combat Simulator) and last time I checked is all based around a base product called ‘DCS:World’.

Each module is pretty expensive, but that usually pales in comparison to the commitment needed to learn the interface and respective airframe(s).
Posts: 1115
Location: Sydney, New South Wales

A good attack helicopter flight sim for $35. Base game (DCS:World) is free.
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