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Topic: Power supply question
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Location: Sydney, New South Wales

Hi. Building a PC for my son. Zero experience with gaming machines - audio is my thing. Anyway - bought a Ryzen 5 and then discovered there's no graphics at all - so found an old Leadtek GTX 760 :

Then found it needed power. 6 pin PCI x 2. The case and CPU is from an old server. The PSU is this Silverstone 750W: :

It didn't come with any PCI leads. My question is: if I manage to find 2 6pin to 6 pin leads to plug into the modular connections on the back of the PSU, will it power this card and a Ryzen 5/MSI B450 Carbon/Seagate SSD? Can I use any lead that will fit? Thanks for your time - it's much appreciated.

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I can't see a reason why not. Problem will be getting those leads as spares might be a pain in the ass.
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Location: Sydney, New South Wales

I can't see a reason why not. Problem will be getting those leads as spares might be a pain in the ass.

Thanks. I think you’re on the money. They’re out there somewhere. Thanks.
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Something like

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You could try looking at some CableMod spares to suit, but if you’re trying to do this on the cheap, that’s not gonna work.
If, however time is a factor, just buy a new PSU if the leads are definitely gone.

Finally, you might try contacting Silverstone about it. If it’s a modular PSU they could probably hook you up if you can get their support team some details.
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